Firmware Update! tHb, Muscle Oxygen, Wahoo Elemnt Support, & More!


BSXinsight has a new firmware update and has added tHb to muscle oxygen, shows Wahoo ELEMNT device support, adds a Connect IQ app, and more. In case you missed our blog post last week, where we talked about tHb and muscle oxygen, be sure and read it HERE!

The purpose of this post is to walk you through the easy update procedure, and talk a bit about what’s included, and what else is coming soon.

There are 3 things that need updating, together, to ensure the new functionality and features work best. Those are, in order:

  1. The BSXinsight desktop app
  2. The BSXinsight firmware
  3. The BSXinsight mobile app

1. To update BSXinsight desktop app:

For Mac computers, go to the iTunes/app store and just use the update option, HERE

For PC computers, it’s best to go to your Control Panel, then programs, and uninstall your current version: Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features Then download the latest and install it, from HERE

2. To update BSXinsight firmware:

Step 1: Put your BSXinsight into the docking station and plug it into your computer, using the USB cable it came with.


Step 2: Open the BSXinsight desktop app you installed from above, and sign in, using your desktop login from app.bsxinsight.com

Step 3: You should see an “Update Available” notification, which you can click. If not, click the upper-right avatar and go to “Settings”, then “Update Firmware”


Just wait for it to complete, without interruption, and that’s it!

3. To update your BSXinsight mobile app:

For IOS: Go to the App Store and update HERE

For Android: Go to the Play Store and update HERE


Update notes:

  • Data sync speed significantly increased.
  • Battery level accuracy fixed in desktop app, & added to mobile app.
  • Daily activity graphs now use 10 second data samples vs. 15 seconds, previously.
  • Added ability to connect to display devices in “wake” mode (green LED), no longer requiring a started activity.
  • Added support for starting activities from compatible ANT+ display devices, no longer requiring phone app start.
  • Fixed issue causing BSXinsight to not see data from some connected SRM power meters.
  • Added live tHb data broadcasting over ANT+ as MO2 profile.
  • Added live tHb data broadcasting over ANT+ Spd/Cad profile as “Speed”.
    • NOTE: User must config display units to metric & set wheel size to 2070.
  • Added live tHb data broadcasting over ANT+ Footpod profile as “Speed”.Various other bug fixes and features to increase speed, connectivity, and user experience.
    • NOTE: Value of 10 shows as 1.0, due to speed range. User must config display units to metric.

What To Expect:

The main feature added in this update is live tHb, which, again, you can find an explanation and examples of in our last blog post, titled tHb – A Factor of Muscle Oxygen


Accessing & Recording the live data:

There are a few ways ways to see and/or record the new  data, and many more ways coming that no longer need a work-around. Here are a few options:

  • Wahoo Elemnt Head Unit
  • Use the ANT+ speed & cadence fields
  • Connect IQ
  • Peripedal and similar apps and software

The Wahoo ELEMNT, which begins shipping in just a few weeks, is set to release with native muscle oxygen support for both live display, recording and syncing



The Wahoo ELEMNT has Bluetooth, ANT+, & WIFI. It connects with both Android and IOS, controls the KICKR power, and works with many different training and virtual platforms.


Other Options:

Currently, the Wahoo ELEMNT is the first and only fitness display mobile device with native muscle oxygen support. Many others are working on this option/feature as well. In addition, there are some work-around options that will help with seeing and recording this data.

Option – BSXinsight Dashboard:

We’re working to add tHb graphing and the raw download file that includes tHb and plan to have it soon.

Option Showing SmO2% as “Cadence” and tHb as “Speed” on ANT+ devices:

For cycling, you can connect your BSXinsight to the Spd/Cad profile and put the cadence field (SmO2%) and speed field (tHb) on your device to watch the real time data and record it under those profiles.

For running, you can connect your BSXinsight to the Footpod profile and put the cadence field (SmO2%) and speed field (tHb) on your device to watch the real time data and record it under those profiles.

Please Note some of the issues with doing this:


  • If you’re using a Garmin display unit, they set priorities for some power meters, such as their own Vector pedals and the Stages. It will over-ride the cadence field, if connected to the same display unit.
  • When using the speed and cadence fields for SmO2% and tHb, you will lose your speed and cadence data, as it’s replaced.


  • If you’re using the Garmin display unit, on some devices they double the cadence, to count both feet. This will double your SmO2% value displayed and recorded.
  • For speed, it shows tHb as /10, for example, a tHb value of 10 will show as 1.0, this is due to the range limitation of the running speed field.
  • When using the speed and cadence fields for SmO2% and tHb, you will lose your speed and cadence data, as it’s replaced.


Option – Garmin Connect IQ:

You can see your live SmO2% and tHb on Garmin devices that are compatible with Connect IQ. To do this, you will need to have a compatible device and Install our Muscle Oxygen Connect IQ app. Please Note: Garmin Connect IQ does NOT save or record data. While you can see it live on your device, you will not have access to it otherwise, which is very important for data collection, seeing trends and optimizing and understand muscle oxygen, as it applies to you specifically.

Connect IQ Compatible Devices:

  • Forerunner 920XT
  • Forerunner 230
  • Forerunner 235
  • Forerunner 630
  • Epix
  • fenix 3
  • D2 Bravo
  • vivoactive

Connect IQ “Coming Soon” Devices:

  • Edge 520
  • Edge 1000
  • fenix 3 HR
  • tactix Bravo


Option – Peripedal

Peripedal supports muscle oxygen and tHb as native fields, which you can see in real-time, as well as record, average, min/max, export, and connect/push to other training and fitness platforms.

This software is NOT free.

To use Peripedal, you need an ANT+ stick, which plugs into a USB port.


Peripedal should easily find it and use it to connect to ANT+ devices, once it’s plugged in.

You launch the software which takes you to a menu:


You’ll want to go to “Edit Profiles” and add a user profile, as well as a bike profile. The whole thing takes 30 seconds.

Under user profile, you fill in your basic info and can connect your heart rate monitor, and BSXinsight, just by clicking “search”. If your BSXinsight is awake, even without an activity (green led on), it can find it:






Under your bike profile, you can connect your power meter, trainer, and speed source. In this case, I added a Wahoo KICKR, which Peripedal can control, and Powertap P1 pedals, which I selected as the source for my cadence.



Features & Options – Coming Soon:

tHb raw data downloads in each activity and assessment

More devices supporting native muscle oxygen fields (will be announced what devices, as they roll out)

BSXinsight activity start by compatible head units and watches (phone app no longer needed to start the device)